AgilityFit 30 Day Challenge

Our programs are designed around you, based on your current ability to run around an agility field. You may be just starting out, or have been training for many dog years. Whatever level you are, we provide the appropriate exercises for your fitness levels, with alternative exercises where needed. We understand what it takes to run around an agility field, and want to help you get better for your own enjoyment, and of course your dogs.

Over 30 days we will show you…

  • How to strengthen your leg muscles, and reduce pain in your knees.
  • How you can increase agility to improve your handling skills.
  • How to breath correctly when you run, and not become exhausted so quickly.
  • Online instructional videos, showing you each of the exercises for the challenge.
  • A weekly training plan to follow, progressing your training gradually over 30 days.
  • A 30 Day Calendar to show your progress.
  • How to get faster on the agility field and keep up with your dog on course.
  • With 24/7 access in a private Facebook group, allowing you to ask questions whenever you have one.
  • An online community, providing you support and motivation, giving you the best chance of success over the 30 days.
  • The next Challenge starts Sunday April 24th, 2016

AgilityFit Membership

AgilityFit Membership has everything you need to know about building strength, increasing speed, and decreasing risk of injury, as well as regular interviews with our experts, helping guide you to being fitter and healthier for the agility field, and in life.

Each month, we provide fitness programs to follow, with a weekly guide for selecting the best workouts for you. Each program includes beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels. We create the most effective program to suit your lifestyle.

Ongoing Focus: A new focus each month will tackles the physical and mental challenges that prepare you for agility. We run specific programs such as preparing for big events. The program will provide access to articles, videos and expert tips to help you develop each month, based on the monthly focus.

Join anytime.